Family Law: When Does Child Support End in Washington?

When does child support end? Child Support is an obligation one parent has to pay the other to support their children. In an initial Decree, the court is to enter an Order of Child Support for any child dependent upon the parents. Support can continue beyond a child’s minority (age 18), if the child is still dependent.

In an Order of Child Support, the language will typically state that child support be paid until the child turns age 18 or graduates from high school, whichever is later. This avoids the necessity of coming back to court when the child turns age 18 in their senior year of high school.

In addition to basic child support, the court can also order the parties to pay for the post secondary education (college) expense of children. This is not usually ordered until the child’s senior year of high school when we know where they will attend and what the cost will be. You will want to get this addressed before the support obligation terminates, or the court could lose jurisdiction to order it.

Our experienced family law attorneys can assist you in establishing a child support obligation and explain when child support end.