Probate: Die Without Will – What Happens?

If you don’t make a will or use some other legal method to transfer your property when you die (die without will), Washington State law will determine what happens to your property. This process is called “intestate succession.” Your property will be distributed to your spouse and children or, if you have neither, to other relatives according to a statutory formula. If no relatives can be found to inherit your property, it will ultimately go to the State of Washington.

Also, in the absence of a will, a court will determine who will administer the estate, and who will care for your minor children and their property if the other parent is unavailable or unfit.

It is advisable to talk to an experienced estate planning attorney to set up a will or other estate planning documents. Please call us at 425-255-4542 to talk to one of our experienced estate planning attorneys to discuss you estate planning needs. We can give you an idea of what the cost of wills and other estate planning documents will be. You can also visit our other web page articles to read about other estate planning and probate issues that may be of assistance to you.