The law permits recovery of all “general damages” for loss which includes pain, suffering, fright, shock, nervousness, humiliation, embarrassment, anxiety, and loss of services to your spouse. These are all presumed damages which may result due to your injury from the accident but must be proven. It is advisable to keep a daily diary of your physical, mental, and emotional state to substantiate these losses. “Special damages” may be recovered for loss which includes your expenses, medical costs and wage loss from work which resulted from the accident.


Attorneys have special methods useful in evaluating personal injury claims. An attorney will investigate your injury, interview witnesses, and negotiate with the insurance company to obtain fair compensation for your total. loss. The ultimate goal is to ease the pain and suffering that resulted from your accident by monetary compensation.


If you desire legal advice, please feel free to contact the law firm of MOGREN, GLESSNER & AHRENS, P.S. We can give counsel on the value of your injury and whether or not it is advantageous to be represented by an attorney. Remember, an insurance adjuster may try to talk to your about your claim and may encourage you to accept the insurance company’s settlement offer. Don’t be afraid to refuse the insurance settlement offer if you desire legal counsel. MOST IMPORTANT, NEVER SIGN ANY INSURANCE RELEASE FORMS WITHOUT FIRST CHECKING WITH AN ATTORNEY.


Most law offices take personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis or a minimal retainer fee. The retainer fee is subtracted from the contingency fee due the attorney when the case is settled or won through a trial. These fee arrangements permit you to be represented by an attorney with minimal or no legal fee owing, other than costs, until you receive an award. If reasonable compensation for your injuries cannot be obtained through settlement negotiations, your attorney, after your authorization, may file a lawsuit.