Criminal Defense: Juvenile Charge

If your child has been accused of a juvenile charge of a crime you should hire a criminal lawyer to appear at all the proceedings in the juvenile court system. There are many alternatives that may work out to the child’s advantage and may ultimately have the case dismissed. Juvenile court is different, in that the minor will not have a jury trial but rather an Adjudication or trial in front of a judge. The burden of proof, as in adult court, relies on proof beyond reasonable doubt that the crime was committed by the juvenile. There are factors that can adversely affect the outcome with the judge.

Factors in Juvenile Crime Case Decisions

  • A history of family problems: neglect, abuse, criminal activity by other family members, lack of parental control
  • School background: poor attendance, poor grade, dropping out
  • Alcohol or drug abuse
  • Possession of a gun or weapon
  • Membership in a gang
  • Behavior problems

These factors do not directly indicate criminal behavior but tend to be associated with a higher risk. To prevent a child from becoming a career criminal many intervention programs have been established.
To minimize serious consequences from a juvenile charge, immediate attention provided by a criminal attorney can oftentimes prevent a case from moving onward to juvenile court or lessen the effects of juvenile detention. If your child has been accused of a juvenile charge of a criminal offense or you want to keep the conviction from appearing on their record, we may be able to assist you.