Family Law: Adoption in Washington


Adoption in Washington has historically served parents seeking infant placement. Currently, any person is considered adoptable, whether he or she is an infant, older child, adult, child with special needs, or part of a sibling group. Adopting parents may be married or single.


The decision to adopt is an important, permanent decision. There are laws and local rules that must be complied with for the completion of an adoption. The different laws protect the child, the birth parents, and the adoptive parents. The process is a lifelong journey that will impact each of the parties individually. It is important to follow all of the legal procedures carefully so that the adoption if official.


Prior to placement of a child across state lines, a formal agreement (Interstate Compact on Placement of Children “ICPC”) must be completed through the Interstate Compact Program Managers in each state.


There are special legal protections for a birth parent who is under age 18, in the military, a Native American, or an Alaskan Native. A Guardian ad litem and/or counseling for a birth parent who is a minor may be provided. If the birth parents or child are Native American or Alaskan Native, contact with the Tribe must be made. It is unlawful to buy or sell a child.

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