Estate Planning: Cost of Wills

What is the cost of Wills? We do a variety of Washington wills and other estate planning documents for our clients at an affordable fixed price and cost. For your convenience, some examples of the cost of wills and other estate planning documents are as follows:

  • Simple Will (single person) $350.00
  • 2 Simple Wills (for married couple) $600.00
  • Trust Will with Minor Children (single person) $400.00
  • 2 Trust Wills with Minor Children (for married couple) $700.00
  • Community Property Agreement $250.00
  • Durable Power of Attorney (each) $200.00
  • Directive to Physician (each) $100.00

When we do a combination of these wills and other estate planning documents, we offer a package plan discount for a fixed price or cost. For example, if you need a simple Will for a husband and wife, Community Property Agreement, and Durable Power of Attorney, we will do this for you at a reduced package price if you mention that you saw this on our web page.

Please call us at 425-255-4542 to set an initial consultation to talk to one of our experienced estate planning attorneys and discuss you estate planning needs. We charge $150.00 for the initial consultation, but we will credit that charge against the cost of the documents we prepare for you. We can give you an idea of what the cost of wills and other estate planning documents will be. You can also visit our other web page articles to read about other estate planning and probate issues that may be of assistance to you.