Estate Planning: Washington Codicil

In Washington, a codicil is simply an amendment to a will. If you need to make changes to your will,  you can either redo the entire will, or if it is only a minor change, you can do it by codicil. With a codicil you usually revoke a paragraph and replace it with a new paragraph. The two documents are then read together. The codicil must be executed with the same formalities as a full will. Do not simply write changes on the face of an original will, as this could invalidate the entire will.

Drafting a will or codicil is an important and sometimes complex matter. It is a critical process that requires legal knowledge, informed decision-making as well as coordination with other estate planning documents. Although “do-it-yourself” forms and kits are available, they many not consider individual circumstances and relationships. A lawyer can assist and advise by analyzing individual circumstances and preferences, drafting valid documents, and avoiding pitfalls that alter intent.

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