Washington Probate: Small Estate

The State of Washington has an cost effective and efficient method to clear an estate after someone’s death, if their estate is considered a “small estate”. This procedure allows you to pay debts and transfer assets without the necessity of going through a full probate, which can take more time and money.This can allow you to get access to bank accounts, pay bills,  and transfer assets to heirs very quickly and inexpensively.

A small estate is defined as one that has a value of less than $100,000, and does not include any real property (land). If the estate contains real estate or is of greater value, then this option is not available to you.

The procedure is have a successor of interest, sign an affidavit regarding the decedent, what the estate consists of and value, and that you are a successor. A copy needs to be provided to all heirs. This affidavit will allow the person access to financial accounts, and to transfer or liquefy other assets (automobiles, etc.).

If you need to clear an estate which is less than $100,000 and does not consist of real property, we suggest you talk to one of our experienced probate attorneys to see if this is a cost effective alternative for you.