Are your aware that there are limits to the number of pages you can file in a declaration for a motion for a family law hearing in King County, Washington? Well there is, and it has been in effect for a couple years. The reason for this is that the court has to read the paperwork for numerous hearings, and the volume of reading was becoming burdensome.

The moving party is limited to a total of 25 pages, and that applies to the total of the documents submitted, including any reply (so don’t use up all your pages initially, save some for reply). The responding party is limited to a total of 20 pages. In counting the pages, you do not include any Exhibits, the Financial Declaration, or any expert reports or evaluations. If you submit more pages than allowed, you risk the court stop reading anything beyond the page limit, the court continuing the hearing and making you submit documents within the page limits, or other sanctions by the court.